[Clug-work] Javascript developer

Gavin van Lelyveld gavin at pedantic.co.za
Mon Sep 1 21:32:16 SAST 2008

Hi Bernd, I'm Gavin, a freelance web app dev and Hairy Javascript Coder. This 
sounds like an interesting little project, and I'd like to chat with you guys 
to see if we can work together. I'm not looking for a permanent position, but 
can start right now. 

I've got experience in C++ (but that was back when,) basic shell scripting (I 
run Ubuntu at work,) and I definitely promise not to look for any Tcl :)

You can find out about me on my website, http://pedantic.co.za 

Thanks for reading this!

Gavin van Lelyveld
 u: pedantic.co.za
 c: 083 229 6067
im: mdcore at gmail.com

On Monday 01 September 2008 16:01:06 Bernd Jendrissek wrote:
> We are a small company developing and supporting an email branding
> solution, based in Newlands Main Road, Cape Town.  Our goal is to be
> able to offer a self-service facility, hence some redevelopment work on
> the web interface:
> We need someone fluent in Javascript to adapt one of the markup editors
> (probably FCKEditor or TinyMCE) to generate only a restricted subset of
> HTML - HTML that renders correctly in mail clients in particular.  The
> position is for a short-term contract (one month), but there is scope to
> convert to a more permanent position for the right candidate.
> Important: we need someone who is available, well, NOW.
> The right candidate for a more permanent position will:
>  - Enjoy working in a technological potpourri: we have parts of our
> solution in Perl, C++, /bin/sh, Javascript, Java, C#, even Tcl if you
> look hard enough.
>  - Be familiar with *n*x environments: our code runs on FreeBSD servers,
> but we're migrating to Ubuntu.  There's a Solaris box somewhere, but I
> don't know where it's power button is.
>  - Be able to deal with an interrupt-driven working day.  We do our best
> to deliver a quick turnaround when problems occur, and this means that
> you'll need to multi-task occasionally!
> Please send applications + CV to jobs at rocketseed.com

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