[Clug-work] Javascript developer

Bernd Jendrissek bernd.jendrissek at rocketseed.com
Mon Sep 1 16:01:06 SAST 2008

We are a small company developing and supporting an email branding 
solution, based in Newlands Main Road, Cape Town.  Our goal is to be 
able to offer a self-service facility, hence some redevelopment work on 
the web interface:

We need someone fluent in Javascript to adapt one of the markup editors 
(probably FCKEditor or TinyMCE) to generate only a restricted subset of 
HTML - HTML that renders correctly in mail clients in particular.  The 
position is for a short-term contract (one month), but there is scope to 
convert to a more permanent position for the right candidate.  
Important: we need someone who is available, well, NOW.

The right candidate for a more permanent position will:

 - Enjoy working in a technological potpourri: we have parts of our 
solution in Perl, C++, /bin/sh, Javascript, Java, C#, even Tcl if you 
look hard enough.

 - Be familiar with *n*x environments: our code runs on FreeBSD servers, 
but we're migrating to Ubuntu.  There's a Solaris box somewhere, but I 
don't know where it's power button is.

 - Be able to deal with an interrupt-driven working day.  We do our best 
to deliver a quick turnaround when problems occur, and this means that 
you'll need to multi-task occasionally!

Please send applications + CV to jobs at rocketseed.com

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