[Clug-work] Purestream - Position for a Data and Systems Administrator

Ryan Tracey ryan at hiredgnu.co.za
Thu Mar 20 10:35:45 SAST 2008

Please contact Andy Baxter <andyb at catalytiq.com> should you be
interested in this opportunity.


Purestream - Position for a Data and Systems Administrator

We are looking for a proactive and energetic person to fill the role
of systems and data administrator within our business operation in
the healthcare information sector. We are currently migrating to an
open-source platform based upon the LAMP architectural stack and
as such the role will require the following skills and experience
* You must be familiar with Linux (particularly Ubuntu) and its
  interoperation with Windows via Samba or other techniques.
* You must have experience with scripting languages -- perl, python,
  PHP etc and a willingness to develop and extend your expertise
  especially in the area of data extraction, transformation and
  loading into database structures.
* You must be familiar with relational database environments --
  especially MySQL and /or Postgres and ideally have a working
  knowledge of MS SQL Server. This familiarity should extend to the
  essentials of database design, tuning and the normal everyday
  administration tasks like backup and restoration.
* You should have and be able to demonstrate a good problem solving
* You should be aware of good, modern development practices and have
  good communication skills around establishing user requirements
  and working systematically to deliver on such requirements. Such
  development will be along "agile" lines and experience with such
  environments will be very useful.
* You should understand the use of BI tools and demonstrate
  some aptitude in their use -- this can range from spreadsheets
  to specific tools like Business Objects or ideally open source
  equivalents such as the Pentaho suite.
* You should be aware of best practice around security as it relates
  to system and data access.

Functionally, the role will involve the following:
* Application of analytical skills to define and document the
  processing requirements of new data feeds.
* The collection of datasets from a range of environments and in
  various formats. This will ideally be automated by cron or other
  scripts and involve monitoring and reporting on the status of such
  collection operations.
* Transforming and enriching the collected data and importing
  it into bespoke database structures for analysis and reporting
* Designing, maintaining and monitoring the destination relational
  database structures from a quality and performance perspective.
* Using SQL or other BI tools to produce high quality, accurate
  output reports within tight deadlines. There will be a need to
  accurately estimate timescales involved in the generation of such
* Designing and implementing suitable data backup and recovery

We are looking for somebody with an innovative approach and who is
keen to keep abreast of technology developments and their impact on
the systems environment. This involves a willingness to learn about
and evaluate new technologies and techniques and communicate such
learning to the company's management.

Location: CBD

Please contact Andy Baxter <andyb at catalytiq.com> should you be
interested in this opportunity.

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