[Clug-work] Python developers needed (Simon Kelly)

Simon Kelly simon at cell-life.org.za
Mon Jan 7 12:45:41 SAST 2008

Cell-Life (www.cell-life.org) is looking for Python developers to work on an
OpenSource Zope / Plone application to deliver mobile content to help people
infected and affected by HIV (more info below).

Please email me any questions or CV's if you would like to apply.
Simon Kelly


Cellphones for HIV

Three facts about South Africa:

   1. Highest number of HIV+ people in the world;
   2. One of the most unequal countries in the world – so most People
   Living With HIV do not get adequate treatment & support;
   3. Best technical infrastructure in Africa, especially large cellphone
   usage.  The industry estimates there are around 30 million active cellphone

In SA, there are millions of people infected or affected by HIV with
interest in more information about HIV & AIDS.

There is a massive potential to use cellphones to directly provide
communications & information to the millions of people infected or affected
by HIV

A range of technologies are possible: we would like the system to be able to
be used however people can use their cellphone.  We will endeavour to make
the system free to the end-user.  SMS will definitely be used, as will the
chat-type systems (such as MXIT using GPRS).  We will experiment with voice,
cellphone games, video and more. The system can be used to receive
information, to interact with in an organisation, peer-to-peer
communication, 'social networking' and more applications.  The issue is less
the technology than the social usage – how can we use the tool of cellphones
to support the self-organisation, treatment, education and action of the
HIV-affected community?

Cell-Life is a Cape Town-based Section 21 (not-for-profit company) that
develops technical systems to HIV care and treatment.  We have received
funding for a three year project to develop cellphone tools to provide
information & communication services for the millions infected or affected
by HIV. Over the first year of the project, we will set up a steering
committee from organisations active in the field; conduct needs analysis on
the different needs for such a system; develop a trial system; research
useful information and work with partners to provide accessible content; and
run pilots in two communities.  In the second year we will revise the
system, set up wider support structures and run the system in other
provinces.  By the third year we hope to have a rollout of the system in SA,
with millions of users.

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