[Clug-work] Experienced web developers required

Johannes van Eeden johannes at givengain.com
Mon Jan 7 11:08:25 SAST 2008

GivenGain, the leading payment processing platform for international
nonprofit organisations (www.givengain.com), is looking for experienced
web developers.

Knowledge of Perl, Linux, Apache, CSS, MySQL, XML, and UI Development
required. Although you will probably also be exposed to some of our
other services (PayProp - www.payprop.com, SecondSwitch -
www.secondswitch.com), the primary focus will be on GivenGain.

We're based in Stellenbosch, with offices in the UK and Switzerland.

At GivenGain, we encourage each other to maximise our talents, to
satisfy our identities, to make sure we are where we want to be. Unless
you latch on to something you are passionate about, you will not be
happy and our productivity will not be high.

We are always on the lookout for people that will change us - that's why
you are here. We don't particularly like official structures,
organisational charts, business plans or company strategies. The same
goes for mission statements, career plans, job descriptions and employee
contracts. Sometimes they're necessary – most of the time, they're not.
We prefer to make decisions quickly and openly.

We like complex challenges. We like to do new things. We like people who
are excited by their work. We won't do something boring only for the
money, because we believe that success is not measured only in profit
and growth.

We encourage each other to think, ask a lot of questions, come up with
better ideas, get into new opportunities, to be open for change, and to
give up control.

We have absolute trust in you. We offer you the chance to become our
partner, to be autonomous and responsible. We will get out of your way
and let you do your job.

Before someone is hired or promoted in our team, everyone has the
opportunity to interview and evaluate the candidates. We believe in
democracy. Don't be fooled: It's not the easy way. But it's by far the best.

We have no perks. GivenGain consists out of various teams, each
responsible for a specific product or service. We prefer teams to be small.

We expect team leaders and management to be relaxed, secure, fair,
friendly, participative, innovative, trustworthy, and highly competent.
We have flexible working hours, and will do our best to adapt to your
desires and needs. Discuss your preferences within your team, and use
your common sense.

Please email me with any questions, CV's and reasons why you would like
to work with us.



Johannes van Eeden
johannes at givengain.com

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