[Clug-work] IOL Wants PHP Developers

Cillier Burger cillier.burger at iol.co.za
Wed Feb 27 15:00:44 SAST 2008

PHP Developer(s)

Independent Online

Rneg depending on experience

IOL is entering a new era of development. With a sound development
model, a great team, and exciting projects, we are looking
for highly motivated PHP Developers to augment our current


IOL operates on a 100% LAMP environment for the online segment of the
business, along with a pure Linux Server environment for the office,
with a mixed set of Windows and Ubuntu Desktop users.
Our developers all run Linux or MacOSX desktops.


You have 4 years or equivalent demonstrable experience developing 
PHP/MySQL driven applications.
You have a thorough understanding of PHP. You know what it is excellent 
at, you know where it serves
the purpose well, and you know in which areas it utterly sucks.You have 
embraced the new object orientation
framework of PHP5 with open arms and know the benefits that it brings to 
the language. You also know
that this framework made PHP much more suitable as a platform for team 
based development, and fertile
soil for sound design patterns. Above all else, you work well in a team. 
Sometimes you like to do stuff on
your own, but you enjoy taking on a problem with other people, 
especially when they all have very
different backgrounds. As an ideal candidate you will be excited about 
the opportunities that an
environment such as IOL represents to extend and enhance your skills. 
You will be able to manage
your time responsibly and meet deadlines to which you have committed. 
You are seasoned in the use of
JavaScript and AJAX having gotten over its gimmick value. You will have 
worked with revision control
and understand its importance in delivering a quality product.

Please Note:

If you feel that you may not be 100% up to scratch with the job specs, but
feel that you have significant knowledge and experience to allow
you to catch up pretty quick, and learn new skills, please don't
hesitate to submit your CV. This is a great opportunity to get into
a high load environment, and if you have the right mentality, we definitely
want to interview you.

Key skills:

* PHP4/5 Expertise
* JavaScript
* Sound foundation of practical programming principles
* MySQL SQL Expertise
* Linear Problem solving abilities
* Linux Shell skills (bash/ssh/scp/ftp/cvs etc etc)

Bonus points for the following.

* Experience with other languages, particularly ones
  with a totally different programming paradigm/purpose
  than PHP (C/Java/C++/SmallTalk/Python/Ruby/Pascal/ASM) . You should know
  why this is good.
* Solid experience with Unix like environments (GNU/BSD)
* Experience with high load environments
* MySQL DBA Experience
* Strong shell scripting skills
* Other DBA Experience
* In depth understanding of computer architecture
* Theoretical knowledge of data structures, algorithms,
   computability, etc.

If you know that you rock at the above, please send us your CV, with
a 1 page maximum cover letter explaining why you want to work at IOL,
and why you think you'd be a great addition to our team.

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