[Clug-work] IPSec (L2TP) on OpenWRT setup (still needed)

Roland Giesler roland at giesler.za.net
Tue Feb 12 17:49:05 SAST 2008

We still need these set up.  Any takers?

On Feb 4, 2008 4:32 PM, Roland Giesler <roland at giesler.za.net> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I need someone to install and configure an IPSec tunnel on 3 Linksys
> WRT54GL's that have already been flashed with OpenWrt and have WebIf2
> installed.   Our client has a firewall at headoffice and these WRT's
> need to connect via a WAN link into the network.
> We need someone to set this up and test the config, ensuring that it all works.
> Of course we could do this ourselves, but more pressing issues keep us
> busy, so we decided to put it out for a quick little outsource task.
> Please contact me if you are available.  Commencement is as soon as
> possible.   Please also name your price.
> regards
> --
> Roland Giesler
> +27 (0)72-450-2817

Roland Giesler
+27 (0)72-450-2817

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