[Clug-work] Developer Position in Newlands

Charles Oertel charles at finebushpeople.net
Thu Feb 7 11:11:14 SAST 2008

The spec below is for a person to work with myself and Bernd at 
Rocketseed.com.  It is a multi-faceted position with huge learning and 
growth potential and ideal for a linux developer who is not a beginner 
but not yet a guru...


Job Specification – Developer

1.Job Purpose

The person taking up this role will become the development specialist 
for the existing Rocketseed product.  It is an ideal opportunity for a 
person to become well versed in all aspects of development in an 
Unix/open source environment, utilising a variety of technologies and 
being mentored by experienced developers and architects.

The person will develop a deep understanding of all functional and 
technical aspects of the current product, working closely with the 
Product Specialist to maintain the product for our existing clients; 
develop interfaces from the product to external systems, which will 
expand the Rocketseed reseller network and develop the routines to 
ensure a smooth transition from the existing product to the envisaged 
new products.

The role is vital to ensuring the growth and retention of business using 
the existing products, whilst the company prepares for the market launch 
of new products.

In due course the person will migrate the developing, maintaining and 
enhancing the new software products.

2.Key Areas
2.1.Maintains current systems and software.
2.2.Develops critical enhancements
2.3.Develops routines to probe and report on the integrity of installed 
systems, e.g. the integrity of the data stores.
2.4.Creates and maintains key interfaces to external systems.
2.5.Develops conversion routines from the existing product to new products
2.6.Develops code according to agreed standards.
2.7.Hands on involved in the design, development and testing of software 
including supporting documentation.
2.8.Manages careful version control, both for internal controls, but 
also for placement in Escrow
2.9.Prepares software patches for testing
2.10.Maintains the current product development wiki
2.11.Helps with 2nd level support - investigates reasons, work-arounds 
and fixes for critical problems.
3.1.BSc Degree or relevant diploma is an advantage.
3.2.A minimum of 2 years relevant programming experience.
3.3.Strong Unix skills essential (FreeBSD advantageous).
3.4.C/C++ programming.
3.5.SQL programming.
3.6.CGI script writing.
4.1.Self motivated and deadline orientated.
4.2.Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
4.3.Good oral and written communication skills.
4.4.Good problem solving and analytical skills.


Interested?  Got what it takes?  Send me your CV.

kind regards
Charles Oertel
083 309 6079

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