[Clug-work] Unix System/Applications Administrator, Google.com

Yancy Rivera yancyr at google.com
Wed Apr 16 23:57:03 SAST 2008

*This position is available in Mountain View, CA, / Santa Monica, CA /
Boston, MA / Pittsburg, PA/ New York, NY / Kirkland, WA, / Seattle, WA /
Sydney, Australia, Dublin, Ireland, and Zurich, Switzerland.*
Are you:

   - ...a seasoned Unix jockey, database wizard, performance specialist,
   networking guru, and code slinger all rolled into one?
   - ...looking for the next cool problem to solve, in a fast-paced and
   engineering-driven environment?
   - ...into writing scripts which perform practically the entire job you
   once held earlier in your career?
   - ...entertained in your off hours by taking things apart just to see
   how they work? Are you successful putting them back together when
   you're done?
   - ...excited by the idea of making Google even faster, more reliable,
   more available, more – well, Googly?

 If you answered "Yes" to more than three of the above questions, you may be
our kind of System Administrator! Keep reading.

Google.com team members are involved in every facet of Google's production
site. From design issues to troubleshooting, from performance analysis to
capacity planning, from DNS to networking to application [mis]behavior,
Google.com engineers are ultimately responsible for making sure that Google
always works. We take that responsibility very seriously, but if you think
you've got what it takes then we're eager to talk with you.

Working in the Google.com team, you will wear many hats for Google's entire
production site: first responder, performance analyst, service architect,
system/database administrator, capacity planner, tools developer, monitoring
expert, and technical evangelist.
In this role you will need:

   - Expertise in UNIX system administration, including configuration,
   troubleshooting, and automation.
   - Fluency in at least one scripting/coding language.
   - Experience running high-traffic web services, including requirements
   and capacity analysis, service configuration, monitoring and
   troubleshooting, and change management.
   - Strong understanding of IP networking, including familiarity with
   the functionality, operating, and failure modes of common networking
   devices, and the ability to analyze network behavior, performance and
   application issues using standard tools like tcpdump.


   - BA/BS in Computer Science or related field, or equivalent
   - 3 - 5 years experience with UNIX systems administration (5-15 years
   for Senior position).
   - Solid scripting skills in Shell, PHP, Perl or Python.
   - Proven technical troubleshooting and performance tuning experience.
   - Experience in a high-volume or critical production service
   - Ability to handle periodic on-call duty as well as out-of-band
   - Tack-sharp analytical abilities.
   - A strong sense of ownership, urgency, and drive.
   - Fluent written communication and unusual verbal agility are strong
   - SQL experience a plus, MySQL a plus.
   - Experience leading short projects involving outside teams is a plus.

If you are interested please e-mail me your resume, thank you.

Yancy Rivera
Technical Sourcer, Google Inc.
Mountain View, California U.S.A.
Office: (650) 214-2797


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