[Clug-work] Pastel Payroll wants developer to make them an HR module in C#

Graham graham at clug.org.za
Wed Apr 9 11:53:28 SAST 2008


Meindert Hoving of Pastel is looking for an experienced developer to
implement a human resources module for Pastel Payroll, to "automate
the capturing and processing of internal processes with extensive
reporting and data mining".   They have a functional design and
database schema, and have settled on C# but expect the developer to
make decisions about architecture, tools and libraries.  It will be
interact with a Java employee self-service app, a MySQL/MS-SQL
database, and Pascal products (Evolution and Meridian, written in
Delphi, and Pastel Payroll, written in VB6).  He says it's about 6
months from starting to code, to initial release, and will be tested
on Pastel's own HR department (the ones that can fire you if they
don't like it :-)   Apparently customisable fields is the tricky part
- their Australian devs made a form designer, but the client's didn't
want to design form layouts, yet they do want custom fields.

Disclaimer: the above paragraph is an informal communication from me -
Pastel has nothing to do with it.

Contact Meindert.Hoving AT pastelpayroll.co.za  for details, such as
the actual job spec.


P.S. A friend mentioned her husband's department was looking for a
developer, he mentioned that it's an HR forms-and-reporting system
(not my cup of tea) and I said "Well, I know some people"

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