[Clug-work] CMS choice and setup job

Adrian Frith adrian at frith.co.za
Thu May 31 15:54:31 SAST 2007

Hi clug-work.

Someone was referred to me (on a friend-of-a-friend basis) trying to find 
someone to help choose and set up a CMS for them. Now I'm too busy with exams 
and suchlike to take it on, so I suggested clug-work.

So, does anyone want a one-off job to help someone choose a CMS and then set 
it up? The organisation is an NGO involved in communications and networking 
(I assume in the corporate sense). They need a CMS set up to do their basic 
website, members-only area, forum, and document storage (PDFs, DOCs; about 
300-400 documents). It needs to allow members to upload documents, and be 
fairly simple for non-tech-savvy end users to use.

They already have website hosting, but are not averse to switching if that 
would be recommended. They want it set up by the end of June, but there is 
some flexibility in the timescale. Financially, they are "on a budget" but 
willing to negotiate the fee. Located in Rondebosch.

Reply to me off-list, and I'll pass it on.


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