[Clug-work] Software Engineer for experiment physics etc.

Sean Murray murray at tlabs.ac.za
Tue May 29 17:01:30 SAST 2007


Here is a job advert from our lab. I assume
this would fall inline with the interests of a couple of people on this

Verbatim from pdf job advert:

Software Engineer.
Equipped with a BSc/HonsBSc in Computing and Physics
(at least Physics III) or Electronics, you will be required to develop
software for and maintain systems used in physics experiments. More
specifically, this will involve analysis, conceptualisation and problem
decomposition, as well as the documentation of existing and old systems
used in physics experiments.
To this end, and in addition to your qualification(s), you will need the
• at least one year’s experience in writing real-time data acquisition
and analysis software in a laboratory environment
• strong coding skills in C/C++
• exposure experience pertaining to real-time operating systems
• experience in the use of Linux operating systems/open-source tools
• exposure/experience pertaining to the use of CAMAC, VME, PCI or PXI
bus systems
• ability to conceptualise and analyse problems.

If you see yourself qualified and fit to fill this position successfully,
and if you are a
team player who thrives under pressure, you should not hesitate to apply.

The original job advert is :

CV and covering letter to vacancies at tlabs.ac.za


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