[Clug-work] Web and mail hosting and development

Zoltan Szecsei zoltans at geograph.co.za
Wed May 16 17:10:23 SAST 2007


There might be an opportunity to move an existing website for a 
non-profit society (ie: money not available in abundance) away from the 
current maintainers.
The current website is a plone site, physically hosted overseas.

If anyone is interested in taking it over and providing:
User updateable content (could be the current plone stuff, but some 
training in its use might be necessary)
Decent mailserver solution - ie lists, multiple domains

I'm not sure what current development is required by the society, but 
(as I posted some weeks ago) I would want some discussions regarding 
creating a web based conference registration form/data base, maybe even 
with banking links.

If anyone is capable and operates down my neck of the woods, maybe you 
can contact me offline so that we can get together to discuss this.
I will go through the peeps that responded a few weeks back, but feel 
free to respond again - it's time to start moving on this so that we can 
work out what we can afford.

I would hope for someone pretty well established so that a reasonably 
longterm (and responsive!) relationship could be established.



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