[Clug-work] Looking for a bright C++ programmer

Brian Modra epailty at googlemail.com
Tue May 8 08:12:38 SAST 2007

We need someone with a keen intelligence to join our team.

Must be skillful at C++.
... and SQL.

An understanding of the XML DOM   http://www.w3.org/DOM/
Java, or JavaScript

Linux and Firefox
PostGIS   http://postgis.refractions.net/
PostgreSQL  http://www.postgresql.org/

We have already written a Vehicle tracking system, and we are steadily
upgrading it. We need someone to assist with the base system which is
entirely open sourced, and also to help with adding GUI client
features and functionality to the server.

The base system "in a nutshell" expresses database and other IO in an XML DOM.
Don't confuse this with serialised XML, which is mostly what we see as
"XML". This is the Document Object Model, which is simply a tree
structure for XML in memory. E.g. there are special DOM nodes for
database access, and others for spatial (map) data.

This is written entirely in C++ and SQL. Thats mainly what you will be
doing, but we will be glad if you also show an interest in the client:

The XML DOM is then made available via a simple client/server protocol
to the client, which is Firefox. Maps are displayed in Firefox using
SVG, and the GUI uses Mozilla's XUL widgets and Javascript wrapped up
as Chrome applications (just like Mozilla's own UI is a chrome

The server is running of Fedora Core 5, but we will upgrade that to Gentoo.
All development is done entirely on Linux, and windows is only used to
test Firefox.

Please email me, and include your CV, preferably in a portable format
like PDF, plain text or Open Office format.
Brian Modra

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