[Clug-work] Wanted: Linux admin/engineer

jobs at lbsd.net jobs at lbsd.net
Mon May 7 22:43:03 SAST 2007

We have a permanent position open for a Linux administrator/engineer.

* Cape Town Southern Suburbs

* Passion for Linux
* Ability to use google if you don't know something
* Love for hacking and tinkering with config files
* Bash/Perl/PHP scripting (php, html ... etc bonus)
* MySQL/PostgreSQL
* IPTables
* Be comfortable with commandline (our servers do not run gui's)
* DNS knowledge and at least setup of a server under bind
* Ability to admin and trouble shoot services
- Postfix setup & admin
- Sendmail admin
- Squid + proxy knowlege
- Apache setup & admin
- IPtables/firewalling, at least a moderate knowlege on firewalling
- GNU Radius
- SpamAssassin (bonus)
* Protocols
- POP3
- IMAP (bonus)
- Radius
* In-depth Linux OS knowlege (bonus)
* Basic C/C++ (bonus)
* ./configure, make, make install type installs and troubleshooting (bonus)
* Kind and friendly attitude towards clients a must
* Ability to work in a team
* Fast learner
* Hands on experience trumps training
* Active participation in opensource projects (bonus)

We're not very strict on the skill requirements and willing to train in any of
the topics above.

What we do:
* Solutions for clients, firewalls, routers, servers
* Services, certain large-scale services hosted on our network including, but
not limited to web, mail & voip
* Design, develop and support our own Linux distribution, not based on another
* All our systems run Linux

* Must have your own transport
* May be required to travel to clients
* Will be required to work afterhours if outages or failures occur, not often
(this can most of the time be done from home)
* Must have own Internet access, perferbly ADSL (compensation may be provided)
* Race, religion, gender not relevant
* Must be at least 18yrs of age

* Depends on skills
* Possible rewards based on performance.
* If you prove to be an asset, there are future possibilities.

* Email your CV to jobs at lbsd.net.
* No phone calls about this job.
* Principals only. Recruiters, please don’t contact us.

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