[Clug-work] Assistance Request

Steve Wilson steve.wilson at fort777.co.za
Mon May 7 08:15:30 SAST 2007

Our company is in the process of migrating from Windows to Linux, SUSE10. The 
process includes moving our entire operating system, configuring new and 
existing hardware to accommodate the new operating system, as well as 
introduce a new in-house software package to support our operation.

The latter task has already been assigned to a company that is currently in 
the process of developing a package that is designed around an open source 
'weberp' product.

Some of the hardware has already been installed, but we are looking for 
someone to assist us with various outstanding tasks, as listed below:-

1) Configure an existing SUSE10 PC to operate as a dedicated e-mail server.
2) Configure printers to operate on the new network.
3) Install suitable anti-virus protection.
4) Assist with configuration of User accounts.
5) Configure outgoing fax via the Server.

We are looking for an individual that is familiar with SUSE10 and is able to 
help us  configure what we understand is a typical network environment.

Steve Wilson


Yebo Electronics
PO Box 2144, Bellville, 7535

Tel: 021 949 1999
Fax: 021 949 2033

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