[Clug-work] C contractor needed

Brian Modra epailty at googlemail.com
Wed Jun 20 15:03:52 SAST 2007

Hi we need someone to do a short contract (estimated 2 weeks full
time) to create a WAP site that includes a PNG image created on the
fly from SVG data stored in an OpenGIS database.
We actually need people long term, but this is just a start.

Skills required:
An experienced programmer.
Knowledge required:
C, Apache modules, SVG, HTTP, SQL

Here's a brief description of the project:

1) get the cairo sources
And especially the svg2png module:
See also:

2) create an apache module that responds to a simple http request,
reads the http parameters which define the vehicle ID. Then query the
SQL database to work out the location, and calculate a spatial
rectangular buffer - and use this as the extents of the SVG. Do a
number of http requests to a server (server returns svg components for
layers of map data) - and thus build up an SVG buffer (as if read from
Write this buffer to the svg2png converter in cairo, and then write
the resulting PNG data to the output socket.
The vehicle's location must be indicated on the map as a small orange
arrow if the vehicle is moving (speed/stopped information is in the
If the vehicle is stopped, and online to the server, then a small
green filled circle must be drawn to show its location.
If the vehicle is stopped but offline, then a red circle.

At this stage we'll then have a very simple server which could be
accessed from a phone's browser.

3) using (1) and (2) above, create a WAP site which provides the phone
user with a simple menu list of the vehicles, allows the user to
select one, and then calls (2), to return the PNG file to the phone.
The vehicle list will be specific to the user based on his/her login.
This means that the WAP site must support user authentication and must
do some simple SQL to find out the client name, and therefore the list
of vehicles.

--- note that although this specification does not include details of
the database schema and existing server for getting SVG data, that
design information will be made available to the programmer.

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