[Clug-work] linux instead of exchange server !...

::KeReMSAH:: keremsah at gmx.net
Fri Jun 15 10:51:41 SAST 2007

Hello clug-work,

Hi all open source lovers,

I want to get some advises about subsription of an exhance server.

MY client has got 7 terminals + 1 Server in the network. Main server ( as name
Server ) has got WinXP, they want to install exchange server. I will
give them qoute which probably they will except but I want to create
them different solution like Linux based.

I didnt have much experience under Network With Linux. I tried
personaly at home or some curriousiyt.

What can I do with Linux instead of Exhance server, what will be
necesarry confirugration for SErver, what programs and which Linux
series can be easist solution for them.

I need advises on these topics.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,
 ::KeReMSAH::                          mailto:keremsah at gmx.net
                                     mailto:keremsah at gmail.com

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