[Clug-work] Virgin Mobile wants YOU (2 of 2)

Lourens Janse van Rensburg Lourens.JansevanRens at virginmobile.co.za
Fri Jun 1 14:56:19 SAST 2007

Hi all (again),

We need an "Environmental Support Analyst" a.k.a. "Environment Specialist".
We call it "ES" for short.

Read the official HR lowdown at http://careers.virginmobile.co.za/Positions/Position_availabledetail.aspx?JobID=79

In plain language, it is a sysadmin on steroids.
OK leave the steroids, we have fridges full of Virgin Energy Shot (like Red Bull, only better.)

* We have a software system where the servers are distributed across three UNIX servers, and hundreds of windows clients connect to these servers from our stores all across the country.
* Our live production system is replicated on our Development servers (used by the development team), and replicated again on our Testing servers (used by the.. you guessed it... testing team)
* Your job will be to look after the server OS and server processes.
* Since they run on UNIX the OS looks after itself, yay!!!
* You will work closely with the Release Manager to make sure that all new development gets promoted from the Development servers to the Testing servers, and once it has been tested, gets promoted to the live Production servers.
* You will work closely with the DBA: 
-- to ensure that the Oracle DB has all the resources it needs,
-- to perform regular backups of critical system data,
-- to restore backed up data if required.
* You will work closely with external consultants who regularly check the system performance -- they make recommendations on improving performance and you will have to implement it.
* You will need to maintain the source code base, under version control in CVS repositories, and create new CVS repositories as required.
* You will be responsible for granting users the necessary access privileges.
* You will inspect system logs to monitor the system health, and act proactively to maintain system uptime.
* We use ksh (not bash), and vi (not vim) -- you get used to it though ;-)
* The job is HIGHLY rewarding.
* The tech stuff you need to know cannot be found in books -- if you have the right attitude we will teach you.
* We have NICE perks!
* We aim to pay salaries above market average.

Please contact me if you're interested.  I look forward to meeting you!

Lourens Janse van Rensburg
Resident Singl.eView Guy 
145 West Street, Sandown SANDTON 2196, South Africa
office:    +27 11 676 5563
mobile:    +27 741 LOU JVR  (+27 741 568 587)
e-mail:    Lourens.JanseVanRens at virginmobile.co.za 


Virgin People Love Being Rebels

They tear up rulebooks and find better ways of doing things. They read their job description and then set about creating their own parameters, going way beyond the call of duty.

Virgin people are smart. They are trustworthy and trust others, helping them to learn from their mistakes. The culture demands that people are given far more accountability and responsibility at an earlier age.

They show respect to everyone and would never tolerate discrimination. They bring their personalities to work and, last but not least, they know how to have fun!

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