[Clug-work] Now Hiring: PHP Programmer wanted: Bellville W.Cape, South Africa - PHP/Apache/Linux/Postgresql - Development

Eddie Dunckley eddie at rttc.co.za
Wed Jul 25 20:26:55 SAST 2007

Hello Earthlings,

We (yet again) require a programmer person to help extend the travel 
reservation system. Long term project. Our guru friend Clive was 
snatched up by the "nasty internationals" :( *sobs* Clive we miss 

You can passionately express your talents and extend your skills while 
programming in PHP on your new big strong 1GB mem Ubuntu Linux AMD64 
box, at our relaxing 40sqm home-office in Bellville, a serene 
atmosphere, siiigh, a few Tbytes of landscape and a nice fast 4Mbps 
adsl link, and if you can work without supervision and you're good, you 
can eventually work from your own place if you wish.

You must know PHP to apply. (TEST: write a small PHP cgi program to 
print the first 4-digit prime occurring within the first 100 digits of 
the fraction-part of PI). If you can't write this, write us something 
else that is cute and impressive. 

You should know basics of HTML, a tiny bit of javascript and css, and if 
you know a bit of Ajax, we will be wildly impressed. You should know a 
little bit of Postgresql. You will earn mega geekpoints and respect if 
you also use VIM and knows the basics of svn.

Creative minds only, no mindless worker drones please. We are working 
in a free-thinking creative environment that is similar to a bee hive, 
no bosses breathing down your neck, no spirit halting project managers 
with whips. Those who are creative, curious and enthusiastic will have 
a long term future here. Those who need constant supervision and spoon 
feeding wont. You will be fed copious amounts of coffee/tea and trancy 
music, unless you want to mindblock the world with earphones.

Salary from R6k to R20k depending on your skill and output performance.
Salary dependant on how good and quick you are and on how nice you
can play with the toys. (will give you a small test task so we can 
establish skill level, you can use your own collected toolsets to help 
Please email me your short CV in text or HTML format for consideration.
Please state in your CV what musical instrument you play, and list three 
sci-fi series/movies that you've really enjoyed. If you don't know what 
Clostridium botulinum is, you don't need to apply! If you can't do all 
of the above (but most), apply anyway, maybe we don't find the Guru and 
could train you up instead. (yes yes we all 'heard' python/ruby etc is 
better, but unless you can port year of work overnight, we're doing the 
PHP5 thing, its fun).

Hope to hear from you soon.

Eddie Dunckley - eddie at rttc.co.za - Realtime Travel Connections 
IBE Development, www.rttc.co.za, cell 083-379-6891, fax 086-617-7831
Where 33deg53'37.23"S 18deg37'57.87"E Cape Town Bellville Oakdale ZA
            "The bigger they are, the harder they hit."

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