[Clug-work] LDAP - Help, please

Darryl darryl.penny at gmail.com
Fri Jul 20 09:39:29 SAST 2007

Hi cluggers :-)

I maintain a school network in Edgemead, N Subs, Cape Town. We are using:
Samba Version: 3.0.24-2ubuntu1 (PDC-)
Ubuntu Linux 2.6.20-16-generic (login/file/proxy/e-mail server)

Currently authentication is via /etc/passwd, a legacy from years ago,
and we have no redundancy as in a BDC.

I do not know anywhere else to ask this, so please excuse me.
We wish to pay the going rate to someone (suitably experienced) to
convert our login processes to LDAP. This can be done preferably
between 28 July and 12 August, a time frame encompassing 3 weekends.
Friday afternoons are also OK.

This is a serious request - I do not have sufficient knowledge of
Linux to confidently take on  this project, which has become a
Please feel free to contact me off list.

Darryl Penny
cell 082 375 2081
Edgemead High School
Tel 021 558 1132
Fax 021 558 4407
"When last did I run/check a backup?" :)

"When last did I run/check a backup?" :)

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