[Clug-work] I'm from Brazil and I would like to know about the South African IT employment market

jonathan carter jonathan at clug.org.za
Sun Jan 21 21:47:44 SAST 2007

Hi Raphael

Raphael D. Aragão wrote:
> My name is Raphael, and I’m from Brazil. I'm going to study English at
> Cape Town in March/2007, and I will stay there for the whole month.

Where in Cape Town will you be studying? If it's close to town, you
should probably come to one of the CLUG meetings and ask some of the
locals face to face.

> I was wondering about working in another country and I would like to know
> about the IT jobs in South Africa. In Brazil I've worked both as a Java
> Developer (using mainly JME and JEE) and as a Software Test Analyst/Tester.
> I have two Java certifications from Sun Microsystems, a bachelor degree in
> Computer Science and I published an article on a Brazilian Java magazine.
> I would like to know how the South African IT market is for Java Developers
> or Software Test Analysts/Testers. Better yet, I would like to know how much
> jobs are there for IT professionals, even in another areas, like linux
> development, etc. Does someone have any idea about this? I would appreciate
> it.

You can take a look at http://www.careerjunction.co.za/

Do you have any skills that relate to free software specifically?


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