[Clug-work] expansion: web app developers/cowboys needed

Eddie Dunckley eddie at rttc.co.za
Tue Jan 16 11:06:33 SAST 2007

//$Id$ // We're expanding again: 

requires("two web developers"); //junior and senior

/* developersdevelopersdevelopersdevelopers
to help extend the travel reservation system. Long term project. Cape Town 
residents only, the closer to Bellville/Durbanville the better.

Skills required [for the juniors] = html, a bit of css, a bit of javascript, 
and if you have graphic skills you would impress /us more. Extra geek-points 
if you have linux skills.

Skills required [for the seniors] = same as junior +
(will forgive you if you lack the graphic skills) + php + php + bit-of-postgresql +
(ajax will score you points but not essential) + svn (we can teach you) + 
linux knowledge + apache config knowledge + (should know how to use ssh).

If you program cowboy-style and just jump in and do "stuff" it will earn you 
extra coffee/tee/toiletpaper rations. If you only know python we will forgive you, 
although you might even convince us to do things with ruby or python if you 
are Very good.

PS: You cannot consider yourself a senior if you don't understand tcpip 
connections between apache, webclient and dns servers and if you haven't 
written a small cgi app before.
We work (quietly) on linux apache and uses svn. Creative minds only, no mindless
worker drones please. We are working in a free-thinking creative
environment that is similar to a bee hive, no bosses breathing down your 
neck, no spirit halting project managers with whips. just pure concentration
with a bit of focus (no, no, you don't sit and jabber/email all day!). 
Atmosphere = aircon + soft background trancy music with coffee and vibrant

Those who are creative, curious and enthusiastic will have a long term 
future here. Those who need constant supervision and spoon feeding wont. 

If (you Produce things) { 
	then the whole Universe will be happy and you would be part of the
	Architects, Creators and Keymakers of the Matrix.

If ((you cannot play a musical instrument) && (don't enjoy sci-fi)) { 
	then you are not from the same cloth as us.

Salary from R2.5k to R18k depending on output performance. (if you wrote google
in your garage we will consider more). Will give you a set of small tasks so 
we can establish skill level, you can use your own collected toolsets to help you. 
Practice your vi(or other editor or gui IDE) and php and html skills before 
considering applying.
Please email me your short CV in text, html or openoffice format for consideration.
(or write a php program that calculate PI to 300 digits and find the first 4 digit 
prime number in the digit-sequence then you either work for AIMS or you can come 
in for an interview without you having to write a CV).

Eddie Dunckley - eddie at rttc.co.za - Realtime Travel Connections 
IBE Development, www.rttc.co.za, cell 083-379-6891, fax 086-617-7831
           random quote: "Real programs don't eat cache."

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