[Clug-work] Junior technician - 4 day engagement

Deon Erasmus bisybackson at gmail.com
Tue Mar 14 17:08:07 SAST 2006


We have a modest opportunity for a relatively inexperienced junior
technician, who is presentable, professional, able to cope with
ambiguous directives and available for the days 3 - 6 April 2006. This
is an ideal opportunity for someone entering the job market to gain
useful experience and references, and remuneration will be good. There
is a strong possibility of future engagements if performance is

You will be expected to render on-site assistance to delegates at an
International Convention Centre in Cape Town.The types of functions you
will be expected to perform are varied, and could typically include:

- assist international delegates with the loading of their previously
prepared presentations onto laptops
- assist with general printing and basic reformatting needs
- assist with configuring outgoing email services, or to provision
Internet access through a previously configured gateway
- reconfigure a client's laptop computer to receive DHCP addressing

Although the job will not be technically demanding, you will be under
pressure to deliver without advance notice or guidance of any kind,
and to accept new assignments from strange, angry people wearing dark
suits and speaking with foreign accents.

The required competencies are:
- Good command of English (spoken)
- Basic knowledge of Office suites and presentation software
- Ability to troubleshoot basic Cat-5 cabling and Ethernet switching
(for link problems)
- Ability to configure 802.11 Wireless networking (training could be
provided if needed)
- Ability to move, copy, compress/uncompress and manipulate documents
and files using thumb drives, writable CD/DVD media or networks,
whilst ensuring the integrity of the source document at all times.

If you (or your little brother/sister) are interested, able and
available 3-6 April, please email me off-list.


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