[Clug-work] Allrounder technician of sorts

The Manager attitude-fit at business.za.org
Fri Mar 10 18:14:03 SAST 2006

An SME position exists for a person with a good attitude towards
people and computers.

The following may be part of the considerations that may get you a
job, but this position is not evaluated on technical skills, although
they may/do play a role.  If you feel you possess the capabilities
listed below, please email attitude-fit at business.za.org with your CV
in plain text only.  You may include a photograph of yourself should
you wish to.


* do you have a positive attitude towards life?
* are you eager to learn?
* do you enjoy working with and around computers and technical equipment?
* do you know your way around operating systems in general?
  (if you basically only know how to click a mouse in windows,
   then this is not true of you, sorry!)
* does windows, Linux, tcp/ip, 802.11, ftp, http(s), postgresql, java,
  sqlserver, python, and some more of these make your heart beat faster?
* do you have some working knowledge or more of programming languages
  (including scripting), and understand what HTML, XML, JavaScript, etc. are?
* do you know what a phillips screwdriver is, and how it is used?
* can you name all the linux distros that were available before 1 March 2006
  in less than 1 minute? Well, then you are probably over-qualified
* do you take life to seriously or can you laugh at yourself and your mistakes?
* can you handle it when others laugh or made good hearted fun at your mistakes?
* can you be on time for an appointment?
* are you on time for appointments?
* can you do what is necessary to get the job done, as opposed to just
doing your best?
* do you believe in and support the principles of open source software?
* do you have transport (car, bike or bakkie) and a driver's license?
* are you willing to do what comes along, if needed (excluding
baby-sitting et al of course!)?

We are not necessarily looking for technically qualified people.  We
are looking for people that fit into our way of operating.  We won't
tell you what our way is - you tell us what your way is, and we'll
decide if you fit in with us or not.  If you tell us what you expect
to earn it will also help :)   Skills can be acquired; attitudes can
only be adjusted by their owners.

So what we're really asking is that you tell us why we should give you
this opportunity, that is: The opportunity to learn and grow in a
multi-faceted IT environment where client service is premium.

Email attitude-fit at business.za.org

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