[Clug-work] Independent professional(s) wanted

Norman Hooper support at ossafrica.com
Fri Mar 10 10:06:24 SAST 2006

Independent professional(s) wanted to share office space in Observatory
house with friendly, hard-working publisher, writer and Linux-related
software developers.

And just when you thought this had nothing to do with Linux work, the
aforementioned Linux-related software developers tend to have both
Linux- and development tasks needing attention. We are a small company
in the practise of outsourcing work, and having another Linux-enabled
brain would be helpful for us, and remunerative for whoever can
contribute some of their time. (Having said all that, though, please
note that this is not an offer for a full-time position, nor a contract
for a specific task.)

Facilities include ADSL, alarm, network, and kitchen featuring actual
coffee -- the kind that comes directly from beans.

Interested parties, please e-mail christianl at ossafrica.com off-list.


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