[Clug-work] Food for your work or Money for Jam!!!!!

Trevor Hughes linux at thewildfig.co.za
Wed Feb 15 13:41:31 SAST 2006

I am hoping this barter offer will interest someone

I have bean meaning to for some time and even started to set up a mail 
server (postfix on breezy) and mailman so I could run a list

The list is really only a one way thing - it is a news letter. I need to 
have sub subscribe and unsubscribe request automated so though mailman 
was the route to go.

It is not that I could not do it myself with help from Google and the 
tech list its just that I have been meaning to do this for weeks and 
have not got round to completeing it.

Here is my Offer

I will deliver to you a DVD with a vmware virtual machine vmdk file of a 
breezy server installation with all latest updates.

You in turn set up postfix to work with mailman for my domain so I can 
send mail to the list and let the subscribers administer their 
subscriptions using the mailman web interface or email commands.

You burn the configured virtual machine back to disk and I collect it.

For your time and trouble I will reward you
with a R250 voucher (with conditions) for my restaurant.

This needs to be done soonest.

Please respond to me directly and not the list. Since I believe this to 
be a farily trivial procedure for some one with the know how I will 
probably award this contract to the first taker! If you think the terms 
are unreasonable make me an offer.



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