[Clug-work] Python GUI Programming

Grant Van Beulen grant at idscape.co.za
Thu Feb 9 13:22:30 SAST 2006

Hi All,

I am looking for someone with Pythin GUI experience to Develop a small
application using Python, GUI, and excel.

The application must be able to use an excel spreadsheet,import data, A user
must then be able to manipulate the data with certain restrictions. Eg No
record deletions, No deleting of columns etc. All changed values must be
able to be exported to a Text file.

I continuously have little projects like this all year round, so I am
Looking for someone to develop these types of applications in his/her free
time and bill Me per project. This person needs to be Cape Town based as I
think face to face communication Is a lot better when explaining exactly
what we need.


021 - 448 5170

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