[Clug-work] Java developer needed.

Jean-Paul Bauer jp at bridges.org
Sun Feb 5 00:21:34 SAST 2006

We are looking for a Java developer for a short project.

Job Type: Once-off

Description of work: We need a few *small* Java programs to be written. These 
programs will be in the form short tutorials on the basic use of office 
productivity software. The programs will give the user a short explanation of 
a certain function of a word processor, for instance how to make text bold, 
italic or underlined, and will then require the user to do this within the 

Term: 2 months

Required skills: Firm grasp of Java. No previous employment necessary.

Salary: Depends on experience of applicant.

Please email me your details at jp at bridges.org, or phone me at 083 298 37 99.


Jean-Paul Bauer
Cell: +27 83 298 3799
jp at bridges.org

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