[Clug-work] Software Engineer/ Software Architect

Jan van der Vyver jan at vdv.co.za
Mon Aug 28 12:21:51 SAST 2006

1. Appointment

1.1 The employee is appointed in the capacity of Senior Software Engineer
and will commence duties on 1 Sept 2006

1.2 The employee will perform duties at In2one SA (Pty) Ltd offices or
otherwise specified.

2 Job description

The Software Engineer will be responsible to analyze and develop application
programs and facilitate with the design of new media under the supervision
of an ITS Manager.

The duties and responsibilities of the Software Engineer (which duties are
performed personally or through subordinate developers) include, but are not
limited to, the following:

2.1 Involved through all phases of the product development lifecycle;

2.2 Analyze client requirements from project documentation collected by
internal sources; 

2.3 Produce technical designs to match the requirements and internal design

2.4 Develop software code to match the requirements and technical design,
under the guidance of the an ITS Manager, in line with the internal design

2.5 Unit and System Test the software; 

2.6 Assist in the support of released software; 

2.7 Report to a ITS Manager; 

2.8 Work with a wide range of staff from all departments. Promotes and
foster a good team working relationship within the company;

2.9 Monitor, review and update hardware components and system infrastructure
for specific projects at client premises, as well as at the office premises;

2.10 Maintain good working relationships with clients and their personnel.

3 Remuneration

3.1 The employee's gross remuneration per month is R16 000 + Bonus, which
constitutes the salary he/she is entitled to.

4 Required Skills

4.1 Linux, PHP, mySQL

4.2 Any other skills will be a value add

Contact information:

Luwirika Brink info at in2one.co.za



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