[Clug-work] Part-time work available - Centos installations and configuration

Simon Welsh simon at parcelperfect.com
Thu Aug 17 12:48:57 SAST 2006

We are looking for someone who can work for us on a part-time hourly basis,
and is available during normal office hours. A full time position may also
exist, depending on your specific skills. Rates are negotiable.
We are based in Claremont, Cape Town, and remotely maintain a number of
Linux servers which are spread around the country. These servers range from
P4 celeron machines up to dual-xeon raid-5 type servers. We are currently
running only two operating systems - that is Fedore Core 1 on the older
machines and Centos 4.2 on the newer ones. Each server that we have
configured runs Samba, Apache, PHP and the Firebird database engine.
We are needing someone who can handle the following:
- Installation of Centos onto new machines, which will be physically located
on our premises in Claremont.
- Installation and configuration of Samba, Apache, PHP, Firebird and IP
gateway routing.
- Remote diagnosis of problematic servers via putty. This would include
analysis of log files, etc.
- Setup of file replication between multiple Centos servers, which are
connected via a VPN.
- Setup of UPS auto-shutdown scripts.
- PHP coding skills would be a bonus, as we also run various PHP items on
the servers.
If you are interested in this opportunity, please let me know via email.
Simon Welsh
Adept Software
Tel +27 21 674 5404
Fax +27 21 674 5408

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