[Clug-work] Part-time support

Charles Oertel charles at finebushpeople.net
Mon Apr 24 18:17:58 SAST 2006

EnviroVision runs 4 sophisticated fire-detection cameras in the greater 
Cape Town area.  The cameras beam images to the Goodwood Regional Fire 
Centre via microwave links.

EnviroVision is looking for some people who are technical, 
problem-solving kind of people to occasionally go out to the cameras to 
fault-find when the system goes down.  This will eventually become a 
full-time job when the City expands to the full system that is on the cards.

You will need your own transport, because the cameras are at 
Papagaaiberg (Stellenbosch), 9SAI, Tygerberg hill and the Athlone power 

Right now the camera at Papagaaiberg is not online and needs attention. 
  So if you can respond asap it would be useful.

Charles Oertel

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