[CLUG-tech] Change Hardware RAID setup

Hendrik Visage hvjunk at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 13:21:04 SAST 2007

On 3/22/07, Darryn Levitt <darryn at cks.co.za> wrote:
> Hi all.
> On one of my servers I have a RAID-1 (hardware) setup with 2 X SCSI drives.

RTFM the specific model's manual ;^P

> I want to replace the two existing HDD with larger ones, buy want to
> keep the installation the same.  ie.  I basically want to clone the
> current setup to the bigger HDD.  I would also then want to expand the
> last partition to the full capacity of the new drives.  Is this
> possible, and if it is, would you have any recommendations or advice on
> how I should do it?

Other than to phone a dealer/supplier?

It obviously depends on each specific HW RAID controller's
design/setup/etc if that is possible...

However: SInce it's RAID1 (mirror), you might try the following:
Pull out one disk (mark it ;^)
Boot up.
Check that everything appears to be OKAY
power off
pop in the newer bigger HDD
Boot up. (Okay, the previous steps could've been skipped, but
sometimes it is a good idea to force the BIOS and disks etc. to
feel/see that a disk is gone/missing etc.)
Either tell the controller to sync, or wait for it to start syncing
(depends on the type, make, model and firmware etc. of the controller)
Once everything is synced and happy.
Power off
pull out last remaing small HDD.
power up
Check everything
(At this point there might be options/methods available to get access
to the rest of the
disk not being used etc. etc.)
Power down
pop in last remaining HDD
boot up.
Start the sync
Go fetch some coffee/tea/coke/cafeine/sleep/etc. for the rest of the
night's work)
Wait if everything settles etc. and check.
ONLY THEN Use old HDDs for door stops.

Hendrik Visage

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