[CLUG-tech] inverse grep

Zoltan Szecsei catchall at geograph.co.za
Sun Mar 18 18:31:29 SAST 2007

Jonathan Hitchcock wrote:
> Zoltan Szecsei wrote:
>> Is there a way to show _all_records that do _not_ contain xxx ?
> grep -v xxx ?
> I have a friend from Spain, who knows *everything*.  His name is Manuel.
>  From now on, if you have a question like this, you should just ask him
> the question.  We'll have a little code for it - you can ask the
> question, and I'll say "Repeat To Friend Manuel" (or "RTFM" for short).
> We should make great progress.
Hmmm... Spanish?  - I'd need a Hungarian friend if I was to get that 
sort of help   ;-)

Actually, I scanned the man pages but automatically skipped over -v, 
thinking it to be the usual "verbose"
.....  but then, with hindsight, I ask myself: "What would the keyword 
'verbose' add to grep's functionality?"

my bad, but thanks for the reply,



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