[CLUG-tech] Apache/port 80 firewall forwarding problem

Jongilanga Guma jongilanga at gmail.com
Wed Mar 14 13:58:03 SAST 2007

I  configured a firewall to forward my requests to local network using
"Netgear Firewall Router DG834 built-in firewall rules, all  work well
except when I forward to port 80


  #  Enable Service Name Action LAN Server IP address WAN Users Log
 1  SSH ALLOW always Any Always
 2  vnc ALLOW always Any Always
 3  emoted ALLOW always Any Always
 4  vnc ALLOW always Any Always
 5  HTTP ALLOW always Any Always

I access my Router remotely on http://barakajhb.dynalias.net:8080

I can ping,ssh, remote-desktop, etc,  to my server at JHB, using
barakajhb.dynalias.net but when I try to access port 80 I get "No
route to host". And there is nothing on the logs about port 80,
althought I see others, i.e when I ssh, I get:
"Wed, 2007-03-14 11:45:54 - TCP Packet - Source:,34319
Destination:,22 - [SSH match]"

Where must I look at, any ideas?

My linux box I am forwarding port 80 to is Debian GNU/Linux running
Apache/1.3.31. All users from a local network can access that without
problems but I can't from outside.



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