[CLUG-tech] ssh LocalCommand

Johann Spies jspies at sun.ac.za
Mon Mar 12 14:49:35 SAST 2007

On Mon, Mar 12, 2007 at 12:45:51PM +0200, Stefano Rivera wrote:
> Hi Johann (2007.03.12_12:28:35_+0200)
> > I am trying to limit a user's ssh-access.  As I understand it the
> > following configuration in ~/.ssh/config should call "/bin/ls /tmp" just
> > after a successful login:
> > 
> >    PermitLocalCommand yes
> >    LocalCommand /bin/ls /tmp
> No. .ssh/config is for the ssh *client* not the ssh *server*.

Thanks.  That helps.  I have have confused the above configuration with
that of the server.

I have got something working now, thanks.

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