[CLUG-tech] Help needed with PHP problem

Julian Bailey clubnyala at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Mar 6 12:41:45 SAST 2007

> So the question is what the difference is between
> "home" and "elsewhere". 
> Could it be that apache operates under two different
> IP addresses or names? 
> Could it be that "home" and "elsewhere" hit
> different virtual hosts (pointing 
> to the same document root), one configured correctly
> for php while the other 
> one not?
> I would look for something along those lines. If you
> want more help, we need 
> to know more about your setup.
> Uwe
Thanks for all your help guys.  I think it's a problem
with the Apache config too.  Regrettably I don't know
an awful lot about how Apache is configured - I'm just
getting into it now.  Can you perhaps point me to the
area of the apache configuration file that I would
need to look at?  As I said I'm using Debian Etch.  Is
the relevant file httpd.conf or some other file?

Thanks in advance for your hard work


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