[CLUG-tech] Network interface swap

Charl Papenfus charl at ipsec.co.za
Mon Mar 5 09:54:42 SAST 2007

Stephan February wrote:

>I'm taking a shot in the dark here, but check if you're running ifplugd. 
>Possibly link detection is used to configure your interfaces and link is 
>detected out-of-order/out-of-sequence ?

No ifplugd that I can see, but probably running as part of the "network"

In my experience the later versions of SuSE has some problems with network
setups, the interface swap being only one. If, for instance, you need to do
more than basic routing, I found it easier to write a script to just flush
the OS-setup network config / rules and set it all up from scratch.

It is possible that I need to understand the way SuSE handles the underlying
networking better, but at ths stage it works fine for me.


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