[CLUG-tech] Chatterbox Wireless Issue

Charles Oertel charles at finebushpeople.net
Sat Mar 3 09:39:25 SAST 2007

Hi all

Chatterbox in Fish Hoek (an internet cafe that runs Ubuntu), moved 
premises and opted to use wireless instead of laying cables.  I support 
them, but have never done wireless, so spent all of yesterday trying to 
get it to work.

Ubuntu Dapper, D-link DWL-G510 (rev C) card with RT61 chipset
(Works on windows thankfully, 'cos now that is what they are running 
while I sort this out)

What I have done:
I found this page

and hacked away at the instructions.  At one point I got it all working. 
  Then I decided to see if it would boot up properly and rebooted.  Now 
I cannot replicate the magical sequence that gives nirvana :(.  (It was 
late, I was tired, I am not stupid but I can play that role).

Anybody keen to come in an give it a go (Chatterbox promotes open source 
big time) or to point me in the right direction?  Even the customers who 
came in yesterday were flabberghasted that they had to use Windows...

kind regards
Charles Oertel

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