[CLUG-tech] Hp 6313 All-in-one

Rory McKinley rorymckinleylists at gmail.com
Fri Dec 28 10:23:45 SAST 2007

Just a quick follow-up. Got the 6313 working last night. Took about an 
hour, but most of that was spent removing packaging tape and fitting 
bits together. As posted by Alan, hplip is the way to go if you want to 
use the scanner ( Currently, I have only tested printing and scanning, 
but both of those seem to work ok).

Tip: When using hplip, before trying to install printer via KDE/GNOME, 
run hp-setup from the commandline - this sets up your printer using the 
hplip drivers (assuming you have hplip installed). You can also run 
hp-toolbox from commandline to get a device management gui.


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