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On Dec 19, 2007 1:32 PM, Erhard Eiselen <eis at tad.co.za> wrote:
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> > corresponding row is added in table2. This violates what you've
> > learned in Computer Science (telling you that this is duplication) but
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> Sometimes the theory just does not cut it and you have to make (better)
> plans to make something work the way you want it to...

Theory and practice...

The issue with these "problems" are mostly that there are some
constraint (like the initial poster's "can't change table layout etc.
etc.) that have an historical reason associated with it... in almost
all the cases I've seen/been involved etc.

 The other "issue" with the theory, is that people just simply don't
understand it, and can't properly implement it...

It's the software application of the hardware saying: To make a fast
CPU/Memory/bus/etc. is easy... the problem is to make fast

> E-mail is not necessarily secure or error free as information could arrive
> late or contain viruses or could be incomplete, intercepted, corrupted, lost
> or destroyed. It is the responsibility of the named recipient(s) to ensure
> that E-mails are virus free.

Oh goody!!!!

One day I still have to sue somebody for causin me troubles/lost
time/etc. by sending a virus/trojan/etc.... just sorry that gmail and
linux mostly filter all that stuff :(

Hendrik Visage

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