[CLUG-tech] Hp 6313 All-in-one

Zoltan Szecsei zoltans at geograph.co.za
Mon Dec 24 12:32:42 SAST 2007

Rory McKinley wrote:
> So, I am hoping to find an answer in temrs of how nicely it plays with 
> Linux before I buy it.

I've got an HP2840 which is fully functional (havn't tried the fax side 
yet, though) on printing & scanning.
I see there are hplip drivers for the 6300 series, so google around 
there a bit.

(Hendrik Visage actually set it up because he needed to print & scan 
from it :-) , so as yet I haven't checked out how & what he used - but 
I'm sure you can pester him via the list, if need be)




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