[CLUG-tech] Hp 6313 All-in-one

Rory McKinley rorymckinleylists at gmail.com
Mon Dec 24 12:10:57 SAST 2007

Arno Breedt wrote:
> If it's got networking built in, try printing RAW or Postscript to
> port 9100 on that IP address... Most networked HP printers support
> "JetDirect" on that port.


Thanks for the tip Arno, unfortunately, rocket scientist that I am, I 
forgot to mention that I thinking of buying the printer - I don't have 
one yet - I was obviously still fast asleep when I wrote the first Email.

So, I am hoping to find an answer in temrs of how nicely it plays with 
Linux before I buy it.


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