[CLUG-tech] Hp 6313 All-in-one

Rory McKinley rorymckinleylists at gmail.com
Mon Dec 24 10:35:39 SAST 2007

Hello list

Granted multi-function devices are evil - but I am stuck in the dilemma 
that I don't do enough with a single-function device to justify the 
expense of a separate copier/scanner/printer.

Googling has not found anything specific on the HP Officejet 6313 wrt 
Linux - at least nothing in English. Has anybody got any experience with 
this device and Linux - specifically wrt printing/scanning?

There are cheaper/better documented all-in-ones available, but the 6313 
has networking built-in, which makes life simpler when you have a setup 
with a number of machines.

All help greatly appreciated.


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