[CLUG-tech] SQL Query Question

Mark Widdicombe MarkWiddicombe at woolworths.co.za
Wed Dec 19 09:18:59 SAST 2007

Hi Chris,

What indexes do you have on each of the tables?  It may pay you to add a
new boolean column to table1 to indicate whether or not the row has been
processed.  Then you can just:-

Select * from table1 where processed_ind = "N"

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> Hi there,
> I have a table with more than 900,000 entries in.
> table1
> url
> text
> I also have another table that I put values about table1's info.
> table2
> url
> moretext
> For various reasons I cannot put the data together in one table, and
> need to use 2 tables.   Once I do something to the values I put them
> table2.  And then I don't touch it again.
> To select the elements I haven't scanned yet I use the following
> select * from table1 where url not in (select url from table2);
> This gives me all the rows in table1 that haven't been put into
> Now, this works but takes ages to run.   Can anyone help me with a
> better, quicker query?
> Thanks,
>   Chris
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