[CLUG-tech] Windows refunds

Mark Widdicombe MarkWiddicombe at woolworths.co.za
Wed Dec 12 11:50:02 SAST 2007

Hi Andrew,


I recently bought a very low-end Proline Stylenote (Celeron 1.6mhz,
512mb RAM, on board intel graphics) preinstalled with SUSE 10.3 from
techdigital.co.za for R4399 (R4999 if you wanted XP instead). I don't
like KDE so installed Ubuntu Feisty instead.  So far, it does everything
I want it to without any problems.


For your budget you should be able to get something a lot better and
have all the bells and whistles, like compiz, working.






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I am also in the market for a new laptop, and want to know what is the
most suitable laptop in RSA for running linux on.  Do any come
pre-installed with Linux?  (My budget: approximately R10 000).

On Dec 11, 2007 9:08 AM, Hans van der Merwe <hvdmerwe at sunspace.co.za>

Hi, hope this falls within the allowable topics for this list.

Anyone know of any cases in the RSA of a successful refund claim on
bundled XP or Vista?
I would like to buy a new laptop and was thinking of trying to get a 
refund on the pre-installed Windows on it.
Some individuals in the US (and Australia) have successfully done so in
small claims court (mostly because the companies never pitch for the
case - bad for business). 


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