[CLUG-tech] IBM SAN multipath

Adrian Moisey adrian at changeover.za.net
Wed Dec 12 10:27:21 SAST 2007


> A few more questions. The answers may or may not help me help you, but
> bear with me.

Unfortunately they took my server away and I won't have one to play with soon.

> > I've got an IBM SAN plugged into 2 single port HBA QLogic cards, but
> > I'm failing at getting multipath going.  I haven't much experience in
> What type of server are the HBAs in? Also an IBM? OR perhaps a Dell?
> Or homebuilt or other brand? Also what model? And what model/type etc.
> is the SAN?

A 2900 Dell box.  The SAN is a DS3400 IBM.

> Also, I'm not sure about the IBM ones, but quite a few SANs come with
> their own proprietary multipathing software/drivers. You might want to
> check that's not a requirement for yours to work.

Will look into it

Can't get the other info for you until they get me a new server

> Fianlly, what distro and output of uname -a

Stock Ubuntu Gutsy.

Sorry for the lack of info :/

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