[CLUG-tech] Windows refunds

G Christie gcchristie at gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 15:33:36 SAST 2007

> > Anyone know of any cases in the RSA of a successful refund claim on
> > bundled XP or Vista?


I am not in SA but I bought myself a new AMD64 X2 6000+ bundled with
Vista in October and when I spoke to the sales rep I asked if they
could remove the OS as I didn't need it and give me a discount.
He said he would speak to his sales manager and they called me back a
day later and sold it to me for US$100 less than the advertised price.
All they did was format the disk that was originally in the machine.

Now I am happily running Ubuntu Gutsy on my fast 64bit machine.

Just my 0.002c

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