[CLUG-tech] AJAX - PHP or Python long term?

Wayne Koorts wayne at wkoorts.com
Tue Dec 11 08:56:55 SAST 2007

Hi Neil,

>> I'm not a php fan. I was hoping python would win :-)
> <snip>
> I think if you're looking long-term, then maintenance is a huge deal.
> And that's a problem with PHP, not an advantage.  Python promotes
> shorter, more expressive, and more understandable code, and also
> better design.  Although, of course, you can screw things up just as
> well with Python as with PHP if you just don't plan properly.
> For applications, I'd recommend Python.  Unless the application is so
> pushed onto the browser that you're just doing storage and back-end.
> In which case it doesn't matter that much what you'd use, but I'd
> still recommend Python.
Thanks for the detailed reply, I was hoping you would respond :-)

For my particular needs / situation at the moment PHP is going to suit 
me best.  I have some Python experience so I can always lean back on 
that at a later stage.

Thanks again to everyone else that replied.


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