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David Peall wrote:
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>> On Sunday 09 December 2007, Jonathan Hitchcock wrote:
>>> So, here's a Christmas project for the amateur engineers among you:
>>> design a small circuit and LED system that would be suitable for a
>>> Christmas tree
>> wall wart or battery power
>> 2x 555 timers
>> 2x transistors
>> some caps & some resistors for the timing
>> LED's
>> wire
> Sigh* 555 timer is so cheating.  
> 4x transistors
> 6x resistors
> 4x caps
> LED's 
> Wire
> Heat shrink tubing

Since I'm more of a programmer than a hardware hacker, I'd use a 
microcontroller (preferably one of the littler Atmel AVRs) and write 
some code to do fancy timings.

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